Pictos and meanings

Every solution from the ONDUCLAIR range have an excellent wind resistance in the conditions defined in our Technical guide avaible on the website. 

The ONDUCLAIR range systems come complete with a full range of accessories to enable fast, safe, effortless installation. Whatever your chosen solution, the installation work.

The lightness of the ONDUCLAIR solutions enables to optimze installation costs. The sytems are lightweight, manageable, easy-to-lay that can be installed on light framing. The fast installation, with standard tools, so as the lightness of the material optimizes your implementation and transport costs.

The ONDUCLAIR range brings thermal comfort to your building, whether it is a renovation (ONDUCLAIR RENOV for example) or new construction project (ONDUCLAIR THERMO). The thermal characterisitics of our insulative solutions are an added asset for an enhanced productivity.

The ONDUCLAIR range is practically unbreakable and is recommended for regions regurlarly affected by hail. (see Installation Guide).

Some of the ONDUCLAIR range systems (such as ONDUCLAIR PLR, ONDUCLAIR PROTECT , ONDUCLAIR ® COLOR, ONDUCLAIR ® THERMO Reinforced option...) have a high mechanical resistance to withstand impacts (lcf Installation guide).   

The ONDUCLAIR range products has first class fire ratings geared to all buildings.

The ONDUCLAIR daylighting solutions demonstrate outstanding light transmission to help to create a more comfortable work environment while cutting energy bills.

All the ONDUCLAIR range systems have a 10-year guarantee for UV protection. This protection ensures a long-term sustained protection and offers an array of light transmission options.  

The range ONDUCLAIR PROTECT boasts a specific formulation that makes it the first-choice solution for chemical and corrosive environments ( cf Installation guide).