ONDUCLAIR for agricultural buildings


Protecting your crops, livestocks is essential. This is why you need to find a roofing or cladding solution you can rely on.



Which solutions help protect people, livestock and property against extreme weather events?

The ONDUCLAIR range is exceptionally lightweight yet stress-resistant, and is practically unbreakable under normal use.

- ONDUCLAIR PC boasts outstanding elasticity, making it extremely resistant. ONDUCLAIR PLR and COLOR both demonstrate outstanding mechanical strength, achieved via a blend of polyester resin and glass fibre.

- If you are looking for impact resistance (1200 Joules soft impact test), you can pick several solutions, such as ONDUCLAIR THERMO (reinfoirced version) or certain ONDUCLAIR PC or PLR profiles.


How can I guarantee my facilities have efficiant thermal insulation?

The uniquely-engineered design of the ONDUCLAIR THERMO Factory Assembled Insulating Rooflight system offers the ideal durable insulative daylighting solution for composite panel buildings.