Daylighting polycarbonate solution for roof coverings and claddings.


ONDUCLAIR PC offers excellent light transmission while protecting from UV. This is a solution that is both attractive and sustainable.


  • Outstandingly high light transmission (until 90% with crystal finish)
  • UV resistance on external side
  • Implemenation is optimized (lightweight, standard tools)
  • Adapts easily to your project (many profiles and finishes)
  • Pratically unbreakable
  • Resistance to soft impact (1200 Joules) and hailstorm




Agricultural Buildings


ONDUCLAIR PC  will bring you peace of mind. With this technology, you'll know that your crops, livestock, animals are sheltered in an environment geared to optimal growth, thanks to an outstanding light transmission that creates a visually comfortable and productive enrivonment.



«I live in a region that can encounter brutal weather changes. Ever since the new ONDUCLAIR PC greenhouse has been constructed, my plant crops have been kept safely protected»

Frédéric. 33, flower grower.






Industrial Buildings




ONDUCLAIR PC demonstrates outstanding light transmission to help create a more comfortable work environment while cutting energy bills.

It is an added asset for enhanced productivity.


« We decided to increase the daylight mount pulled into my workshop by fitting ONDUCLAIR PC : the work environment is tangibly better, as shown in the productivity figures! »

Laurent. 31, workshop supervisor.






Public-access Buildings








The outstanding daylight transmission of ONDUCLAIR PC helps to create a more comfortable work environment while cutting energy bills.



« Since the shopping mall renovation work, my restaurant patio is bathed in light. Nowadays, my clients enjoy more daylight in this friendly bustling space.»

Julien. 33, restauranteur.








ONDUCLAIR PC is practically unbreakable under normal use, lightweight, manageable, easy-to-lay and can be installed on light framing.

«I was looking for a material resistant to impacts and that provided UV protection. Therefore, I chose ONDUCLAIR PC. Since 8 years I am still fully satisfied of the quality.»

Lyliane, 45, air hostess.





1. The installation is carried out with the ribs (or corrugations) running down the slope of the roof (longitudinal and transversal overlaps).

Horizontal laying direction: Opposite direction of the prevailing wind. The sheet to be installed covers, along the adjacent longitudinal edge, the sheet installed previously. 

Vertical laying direction: from the bottom up. The downslope lap (cut back) of the top sheet covers the lower sheet already installed. 


2. The fixings must include following accessories (waterproofing and loads distribution):


  • Sealing washers
  • Saddle supports or curved washers adapted to the profile and to the site corrosivity
  • Profile supports.

Because of the coefficient of expansion of the material, drill the fastener holes to a diameter 4 mm larger than the fastener diameter. PVC washers are prohibited 



Please refer to the installation guide and comemercial brochure for further details. 



Examples of fixation profiles Onduline 95 (in roofing)



One fastener each two waves at the top and the bottom of the sheet plus one fastener at side lap. 

One fastener each three waves at each intermediate support (purlin) plus one fastener at side lap.


Profiles examples





  • Crystal
  • Opal (66% and 46%)
  • Translucent smoked brown
  • Opaque white 


*Other colours and finishes available upon request