Daylighting polyester solution for roof coverings and claddings.


ONDUCLAIR PLR twins two benefits in one: transparency and double sided UV protection. This solution comes in a broad range of profiles and translucent colours.



  • Save time during the installation: optimized transport, lightweight, up to 12 m long sheets. 
  • Benefit from fast and easy installation: only standard tools required. 
  • Adapts easily to any configuration: wide range of ribbed and corrugated profiles, translucent colors and thicknesses .





Farm Buildings



ONDUCLAIR PLR is a skylighting and daylighting material solution for roof coverings and claddings on farming buildings (pig barns, cattle farms, fish farms, slurry pits, settling ponds...).

ONDUCLAIR PLR  has an outstanding resistance to natural corrosion.






«When I came to renovate my servicing and storage barn, the project brief was to cut my energy bills. Following the Onduline Technical Support Service's advice, I opted for ONDUCLAIR PLR  as a soft natural daylighting solution to reduce the artificial lighting requirement. »

Martin, 27, farmer.      






Public-access Buildings


ONDUCLAIR PLR can be employed in many geographic zones worldwide thanks to its outstanding resistance to temperatures ranging from +120°C down to -30°C.  Furthermore, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.


ONDUCLAIR PLR delivers an ambient light that is soft, diffused and subdued (85% light transmission for natural colour). Thereby, it minimizes risks of occupant glare and dazzle, as well as shadows cast from the roof frame under heavy sunlight.






ONDUCLAIR PLR is a lightweight, manageable, easy-to-lay solution that can be installed on light framing, without overlap (maximum sheet length up to 12 m). The fast installation, with standard tools, and the materials' lightness optimize your implementation and transport costs. 








1. The installation is carried out with the ribs (or corrugations) running down the slope of the roof (longitudinal and transversal overlaps).



Horizontal laying direction: Opposite direction of the prevailing wind. The sheet to be installed covers, along the adjacent longitudinal edge, the sheet installed previously.


Vertical laying direction: From the bottom up. The downslope lap (cut back) of the top sheet covers the lower sheet already installed. 

2. The fixings must include following accessories (waterproofing and loads distribution):

  • Sealing washers
  • Saddle supports or curved washers adapted to the profile and to the site corrosivity
  • Profile supports 

For more information, please refer to the installation guide and commercial brochure.







Profiles examples


Call us for other profiles.











  • Translucent yellow 
  • Sky blue (2 versions)
  • Translucent green (2 versions)
  • Opal
  • Blue



(other translucent colours available on request)