Roofing-cladding solution for demanding environments.


Designed to cope with the toughest environments,ONDUCLAIR PROTECT can handle your needs : resistant to corrosion and chemical agents, it awarded a first-class fire rating to give your building long-term protection.


  • Save time thanks to sheets size up to 12m
  • Makes the installation fast and effective: no specific tools required, easy to cut 
  • Easy adaptation: fits any architectural project 
  • Transport more: lightweight and easy to handle  
  • 2 solutions to match the needs: Fire & Chemical Resistance (C&FR), Chemical Resistance (CR)




Agricultural Buildings


ONDUCLAIR PROTECT is an uniquely-engineered solution which has been tried, tested and field-proven in tough conditions: exposure to chemical corrosion (both liquid and gas-phase), and exposure to naturally agressive atmospheres like seaside and shoreline environments. ONDUCLAIR PROTECT  delivers the right roof covering or cladding solution. It is a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates the aesthetics of your building. 





«Living in an area where there are often forest fire, ONDUCLAIR PROTECT was the perfect cladding and roofing solution for my barn because of its high fire resistance. »

Luc, 52 , Grower.








Industrial buildings

ONDUCLAIR PROTECT is a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates the aesthetics of your building. With a minimum pitch of 7%, it offers constraint-free creative building design, whether your project needs a single skin or double skin application.

ONDUCLAIR PROTECT  delivers the right roof covering or cladding solution for industrial buildings exposed to high fire risk such as industrial waste recovery plants, salt extraction plants, salt storage warehouses, or soda ash, sodium bicarbonate and sodium and calcium sulphate production facilities, plus galvanization plants, petroleum and petrochemical industries, arms and explosives industries, food industries and the list goes on... 


«Year after year, I can see how ONDUCLAIR PROTECT demonstrates its resistance to corrosion. In an industrial waste recovery plant it is the number one priority! »

Adrien, 35, plant director



Public-access buildings



ONDUCLAIR PROTECT is a robust yet lightweight system. The complete system weights just 2.9 kg/m², which is light enough to optimize the spans and save up to 30% on supports costs compared to the other market solutions. Sheets are easy-to-fit and can be installed with standard tools, making it a particularly economical solution (installation and accessories). 

It is a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates the aesthetics of your building.



«When I came to renovate my shop's roof, located on the coastline, finding a material resistant to natural corrosion was my priority. With ONDUCLAIR PROTECT I have made the right choice »

Sylvain , 48 ans.




1. The installation is carried out with the ribs (or corrugations) running down the slope of the roof (longitudinal and transversal overlaps).

Horizontal laying direction: Opposite direction of the prevailing wind. The sheet to be installed covers, along the adjacent longitudinal edge, the sheet installed previously.

Vertical laying direction: From the bottom up. The downslope lap (cut back) of the top sheet covers the lower sheet already installed. 

2. The fixings must include following accessories (waterproofing and loads distribution):

  • Sealing washers
  •  Saddle supports or curved washers adapted to the profile and to the site corrosivity
  • Profile supports.

Because of the coefficient of expansion of the material, drill the fastener holes to a diameter 4 mm larger than the fastener diameter. PVC washers are prohibited. 


Please refer to the installation guide and commercial brochure for further details. 




Profiles examples





Call us for other profiles.






  • Off-white
  • Petrol blue
  • Light grey
  • Translucent (only for ONDUCLAIR PROTECT CR

Other colours available upon request 




The ONDUCLAIR PROTECT C&FR  (Chemical & Fire Resistance) system has a reaction classification efficient fire and excellent chemical resistance.

According your needs, this system is also available in an other version: 

  • ONDUCLAIR PROTECT CR (Chemical Resistance):Translucent or opaque solution benefiting from an excellent chemical corrosion resistance and from a classification of reaction to the fire similar to a classic polyester: Euroclass E non-dripping.