Quality Onduline

Onduline ensures a high quality for coverings and claddings of ONDUCLAIR .




Qualité Onduline

We're permanently optimizing our business to enhance the quality of our production. We do this by implementing best practices throughout all of our plants and processes, and by rigorously testing all of our systems and materials, improving our formulations and warrantying consistently high-quality production. As a result, our factories comply with the strictest production and environmental regulations in the industry (ISO 9001 and 14000).


At our internal R&D testing lab, as a testimony to our commitment to R&D, we've invested in upgraded research equipment as well as in a larger workforce.


Additionally, we work regularly with objective third-party experts to conduct insightful, unbiased studies. These initiatives allow us to create solutions that truly fit what our customers are looking for. In fact, all of our products are developed completely internally, from the design to the mold.


The lightweight and waterproofing aspects of our products represent significant benefits for end-customers.

Why is Onduline dependable, reliable, here-to-stay supplier ?

To win and keep the trust of our clients, we:

  • develop and deploy solutions aligned to their needs,

  • provide individually-tailored project tracking right through to delivery,

  • warranty our products,

  • sustain long-term product range support to facilitate the continued acquisition or replacement of product range components.