Why choosing ONDUCLAIR solutions?


When making a decision for a new roof, you want to be sure that you made the right decision. Discover our effective field-proven solutions made for Industrial and Public-access buildings.


How can I facilitate light transmission to ensure thermal comfort without overheating the indoor spaces ?

All our daylighting solutions demonstrate outstanding light transmission to help create a more comfortable work environment while cutting energy bills. For even greater personnel comfort, our insulative solutions are an added asset for enhanced productivity.


- Insulative and translucent, ONDUCLAIR THERMO is the ideal solutions for roof coverings and claddings on for insulated buildings. (Ideal for Industrial and Public-access builidings)

- The ONDUCLAIR PC opal finish (delivering 66% or 46% light transmission) limits the solar radiation and indoor heat build-up, making it the ideal solution for zones where sunlight is intense. (Ideal for Industrial and Public-access builidings)

- With reduced light transmission (85% in natural finish), the ONDUCLAIR PLR range brings soft and subdued lighting, reducing the risks of glare and dazzle. (Industrial buildings)


What are the keys to a fast, effortless, cost-effective installation ?

Our lightweight systems that come complete with a full range of accessories to enable fast, safe effortless installation. Wathever your chosen solution, the installation work will be optimized.

Furthermore, the ONDUCLAIR range of solutions flexibly adapt to a wide range of applications and structures.

- ONDUCLAIR COLOR, PROTECT and PLR can be installed on light framing, without overlap (maximum sheet length up to 12m), which optimizes your implementation costs so as aesthetic appearance. (Industrial and Public-access buildings: COLOR and PROTECT; PLR only for Public-access buildings)

- ONDUCLAIR THERMO is installed in much the same way as composite panels and without any specific accessories, which optimizes installation time. (Ideal for Industrial and Public-access builidings)

- ONDUCLAIR RENOV is so fast and easy to install that you can make big roofwork savings with no facility downtime. (Ideal for Industrial and Public-access builidings)